A Special Frame for a Special Bunny

At The Great Frame Up, one of the best parts of our work is helping our customers enjoy their memories. This is a toy bunny rabbit our customer loved as a little girl, and she brought it to us to frame, along with her portrait, in a shadowbox as a 75th birthday present to herself. To make it extra special we used wooden letters to spell out the name she gave her bunny and gave him a little stool to perch on.

In addition to making our customers’ special item look great, we make sure they stay in great condition for many years to come. We carefully stitched the bunny down with cotton thread to make sure he was securely held in place without any damage. Museum Glass filters out 99% of harmful UV light and has virtually no reflections. This means that everything in the frame is protected for years to come and can be enjoyed without distracting reflections.

We’d love to see what kind of special memories we can frame for you!

happy customer with custom shadowbox frame

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