Custom Framed Jewelry Creations

My name is Sandy and I am the owner of the Great Frame Up in Niles Illinois. I have worked here for 30 plus years and have been an owner for just over 10 years.

I started creating vintage jewelry designs after a customer came in to the store with a jewelry Christmas tree that she had gotten at a resale store. The framed piece needed some TLC, so I cleaned it up and repaired the frame for her. While the piece was in the shop another customer saw me working on it. His mother had recently passed away and he and his siblings had been at a loss as to what to do with all her jewelry. The jewelry didn’t have any monetary value but was very sentimental to them. He asked me if I would create 4 tree pieces, one for him and each of his siblings and they were thrilled with the designs. And with that the inspiration took hold and I started scouring garage sales and flea markets looking for jewelry to create designs that inspired me.

All pieces are for sale and I can create a custom design for you out of your own jewelry or mine.

I hope you enjoy my pieces.



Flower Garden



Orange Flowers in a vase



Peach Flowers in a vase



Green and Blue Frog



Pink Heart



Gold Heart



Colorful Heart






Red/Blue Owl Eyes



Silver/Blue Owl Eyes



Snowman Smile



Snowman Smile



Pink Hat Snowman



Blue Hat Snowman



Black Hat Snowman



Star of David



Watch Tree



Bracelet Tree



Star Tree






Black Cat



Flower Circle



Bouquet of Flowers



Flower Garden


Flower Garden



Pink Flowers in a vase



Yellow Flowers in a vase



Large Flower



Dandelion Pearls



Abstract Gold/Blue Circles



Maple Leaf









Gold Wreath



Black/Silver Wreath



Noel Wreath



Silver Cross

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