Creative Self Expression

We love to support local artist at The Great Frame Up and our Creative Self Expression Exhibit is a wonderful way to do that by featuring the art & creativity of Maine East High School students.

Best Overall

IMG_0801 edited

Best of Show Winners

IMG_0824 editedIMG_0830 edited IMG_0813 edited

IMG_0810 editedIMG_0801 edited

2D Design

IMG_0825 edited     IMG_0809 edited       IMG_0810 edited      IMG_0818 edited


IMG_0815 edited   IMG_0826 edited   IMG_0824 editedIMG_0819 editedIMG_0827 edited

Mixed Media

IMG_0817 edited        IMG_0830 edited   IMG_0829 edited  IMG_0820 edited     IMG_0828 edited


IMG_0801 edited     IMG_0802 edited        IMG_0804 editedIMG_0803 edited     IMG_0822 edited


IMG_0813 edited   IMG_0811 edited   IMG_0808 edited   IMG_0807 edited IMG_0806 edited   IMG_0805 edited    IMG_0814 edited

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